Always made to measure


    The tools of information technology modern and nomadic, assure a prefect connection between Tailormade, its clients, its partners and commercial contacts.  Monthly reporting can, if the client wishes, accompany the daily liaison by email, telephone or skype. 



  • Listen & see (audit), Imagine & Analyse (report), Ask and propose (recomendations)… Produce & implement.  Understanding the cuurrent situation, the ambitions and objectives, formulate pertinent recommendations, then propose and execute an action plan.
  • Continual innnovation , avoiding a Guru approach or one size fits all solution.
  • Bringing in a methodology,  sales and marketing experience, and good business sense from an external point of view.
  • Constructinng a solid foundation for growth, whilst anticipating the effects and consequences of decisions taken upstream.
  • … all in keeping with the spirit that good marketing means the good use of resources, and is based on objectives that must be achieved!